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Torrent Details For "[AllInOneTutorial.com] - Udemy - Mega Digital Marketing Course A-Z: 12 Courses in 1 + Updates [Total 36 GB+]"

[AllInOneTutorial.com] - Udemy - Mega Digital Marketing Course A-Z: 12 Courses in 1 + Updates [Total 36 GB+]

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Name:[AllInOneTutorial.com] - Udemy - Mega Digital Marketing Course A-Z: 12 Courses in 1 + Updates [Total 36 GB+]
Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, WordPress, SEO, Digital Sale, Email, Instagram, Facebook, ads & much more.

Mega Digital Marketing Course A-Z: Market The Product To The World

By the end you will be able to use multiple platform to introduce your product, to market with the right way, and to convince that it is the best product for people.


In this WordPress Website course You will learn how to:

Create a powerful WordPress website for marketing (using a theme)
Create slider, call to actions, landing pages, garbing email forms for email marketing, Store, products and much more
21 digital marketing strategies (marketing cognitive biases)
4 type of business energy and how to react against them to be more convincing
Website persuasion, what elements to use on your website according to your niche
Use Mailchimp for email marketing, how to create lists, signup forms, campaigns ...
Copywriting to write a powerful blog/email to convince more people
6 hooked headline formulas
How to become a story teller
Do Keyword research on different areas according to your business
Use headline analyzer
Yoast for SEO on WordPress
Write a copy that follows SEO & readability instructions
Work with search engins
Drive traffic to your webpage
Complete Instagram Marketing
Improve your content quality
Use automation tools
Instagram ads
Complete Facebook marketing
Facebook ads
Do retargeting
Do live streaming on different platforms
Complete Google Analytics
and much more ...

As I mentioned in the promo video, this Digital Marketing course is so complete and it is not something you can finish in couple of days or weeks. This program will take 3 to 4 months till you can complete the course, learn and practice everything so you can become a master at digital marketing.

The first step we are going to take is to setup our WordPress website. We are going to use a wordpress theme and little by little we are going to build our website and along the way we will follow some specific digital marketing instructions. In addition we are going to build powerful landing pages to increase sale, online shop, product pages, complete WooCommerce, and much more.

After we completed our website for marketing, we will start to learn more about digital marke4ting strategies. You must learn the concepts, the way you should think in marketing, the tips and tricks. Marketing cognitive biases are extremely powerful and using 2 or 3 of them can bring a huge sale for you.


Not everyone knows about digital marketing cognitive biases, and please please use them in ethical way. With cognitive biases you will have the ability to convince people toward your goals and it is extremely important to use it for ethical purposes !!! if you are not sure you can do it please do not join the course.


Next we will learn about 4 type of business energies which is very useful in marketing, to analyze your product and your customer and to know what strategies will work best on them. This system is developed by my mentor years ago and since I learned myself, I used it a lot and brought so much benefit into my businesses.

Email marketing is one of the brutal ways to do digital marketing and in this course we are going to use Mailchimp to do it. We are going to learn how to use Mailchimp, create lists, signup forms, successful marketing campaigns and so on.

After that we will learn more about copywriting, which most people are very weak in this topic. We will learn and practice how to write a powerful and hooked headline, how to write convincing copy to increase our sale.

The next topic we are going to focus on is SEO (search engine optimization), how to bring our webpages to rank in the first page of Google and other search engines. We will start this section by learning more about keywords and how we can select the best possible choice.

One of the most complete sections which we have in this course is Instagram marketing which you will learn everything that exist in Instagram marketing. How to improve your page, how to improve your content quality, more than 20 marketing strategies to grow your page. Instagram automation tools which help you along the way. How to create viral posts on Instagram and so on.

The next step is about Facebook marketing, we will learn how to build a page and grow it using specific digital marketing strategies. we will learn how to build a group and market it as a source for our business. we will learn Facebook advertisement which is important in digital marketing. There is an other thing which is important to learn which is retargeting, we will learn and practice it also along the course.

The other important tool we need to learn is Google analytics. Along the way on our business we will face lots and lots problems and Google analytics will help us to fix those problems and suggest the best possible solution.

Also by the end of the course you will receive your "Digital Marketing" certificate so you can use it on your resume to increase your salary.

If you really want to achieve everything said above join this course NOW! , master digital marketing and take your business to the next level with "Mega Digital Marketing Course A-Z: 12 Couses in 1" course.

Mega Digital Marketing Course A-Z: 12 Couses in 1 by Pouya Eti

Who this course is for:
Busineses who are strugling bringing traffic to their site or selling products
People who want to start a digital marketing agancy
People who want to work as a freelancer in digital marketing niche
Businesses & people who need a website highly effective in marketing
Businesses/people who want to make a mark in this online network, grab attention and make money
What you'll learn

Find your target audience, easily convince them to become your customer and buy your products.
Build a effective website for marketing and sale from scratch (no coding!)
Increase your conversion rate by building advanced landing pages, write powerful copies and sell more
Earn extremely powerful knowledge of digital marketing strategies to use in any online platform to get results
Grow your sales by doing successful email marketing, following step by step instructions to get results
Inject constant traffic into your website & business with SEO, rank in the first page of Google & other search engines
Become a master of social media marketing, grow your business on Facebook & Instagram and bring traffic to your website
Get more customers by doing successful advertisement campaigns on different social media platforms
Bring back the people who already visited your site by advanced retargeting
Fix your buisiness problems before they even happen using Google analytics, to avoid expensive problems in your business
No previous knowledge required
Suitable for all types of businesses (digital product, physical product, service, B2B, B2C).
Open with an open mind, hungry to learn amazing stuff!

Trailer/Tutorial Demo: https://aiovideo.com/video/2021/udemy-mega-digital-marketing-course-a-z-12-courses-in-1-updates-total-36-gb-/

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Source & Direct download link: http://mylink.us/165

Ratings:rating: 5.0/5 (5.0 Out Of 5) 3 users have rated this torrent (Log in to rate it)


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